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Finding the Right Recipe for a Happy LifeFinding the Right Recipe for a Happy Life

Jamila Ross and Akino West both work in the food and hospitality business, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

When the pair, who had dated off and on for several years before becoming a couple, opened the Copper Door Bed & Breakfast in Miami in 2018, their schedules were grueling. “We were at it 24/7,” Ms. Ross said. “Our differences were not situational, but there were times when we didn’t want to be near each other.”

Both 29, Ms. Ross is the more creative of the two; Mr. West is methodical. She is chatty and outgoing; he is

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Ellen Burstyn wants ‘Queen Bees’ audiences to embrace life at any ageEllen Burstyn wants ‘Queen Bees’ audiences to embrace life at any age

Age has nothing on passion.

Actress Ellen Burstyn learns as much in Michael Lembeck’s “Queen Bees,” playing now in theaters and on demand, in the role of a widow who begrudgingly (and temporarily) relocates to a retirement community while her home is being repaired.

“I’m 88, so it’s not like there are a lot of films written for actresses who are 88,” Burstyn laughed during an interview with the Daily News. “Now, of course, I’m not 88 in the film. … And there are very few films written or being produced for characters like” those in the film.

The “Alice

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