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North Jersey foodies on restaurants to travel forNorth Jersey foodies on restaurants to travel for

And you thought you were a food lover.

You may have to reconsider.

Some of your fellow North Jersey residents are, well, obsessed with food. They are willing to spend a fortune on a meal, drive hours for a good burger, know where the best burritos are and which chef is working where. 

These serious eaters try anything at least once. They eat to live, travel to eat and think, talk about and dream about food. They also love to cook, collect cookbooks, and relish experimenting in the kitchen. 

Meet five of the most passionate, most ardent, most enthusiastic, most

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‘High on the Hog’ Proves Why Food Travel Shows Need New Gatekeepers‘High on the Hog’ Proves Why Food Travel Shows Need New Gatekeepers

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you where you are from,” famed Yoruba artist Romuald Hazoumè told Stephen Satterfield, host of Netflix’s inspiring new travel show High on the Hog. The phrase could double as the thesis of food historian Dr. Jessica Harris’s book of the same name, which resonated so much with production duo Fabienne Toback and Karis Jagger that they chose to adapt it for their first full-length documentary. 

On the show, Satterfield, who founded the high-minded culinary quarterly Whetstone Magazine, takes the same voyage Harris does in the book, journeying all the way

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