Amy Schumer supremely confused as her lookalike’s photo at a gas station shocks netizens

Amy Schumer smiling for the camera

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Amy Schumer came across her lookalike on social media but is supremely confused. It all started when a gas station in Celina, Tennessee in the US tweeted a photo of a trucker who can easily be mistaken for the actress’ doppelganger. The trucker named Amelia reportedly often stops over at the gas station and recently stopped at the Celina 52 Truck Stop.

The gas station’s tweet slowly and steadily went viral and even received a response from Amy Schumer herself. The viral tweet read, “Prize winner Amelia wanted us to point out that her teardrop tattoo is not because she murdered anyone. She accidentally killed a pedestrian once after falling asleep at the wheel and got the tattoo to honor their memory.” While the bizarre tweet did not mention Amelia’s resemblance to Amy Schumer, several shocked netizens pointed it out. 

Amy Schumer tweeted, “Wait, what’s going on at a truck stop? -me (tear drop emoji).” In reference to the original tweet, one Twitter user pointed out, “This new Amy Schumer movie looks weird.” Whereas, another one said, “Amy Schumer is trending because of a truck stop pic and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS???”

Take a look at Amy Schumer’s tweet below:



Click here to watch Amy Schumer’s doppelganger. 

The ‘I Feel Pretty’ actress recently celebrated her 40th birthday and was trolled by her husband Chris Fischer. Amy Schumer’s husband Chris had a hilarious message decorated on the cake which read, “I’m leaving you. This was the only way I could think to do it.” 

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