Dak Prescott’s Teammates Shove Giant Birthday Cake In QB’s Face, Happy 28th!

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Kate Middleton Has A Sweet Birthday Cake Tradition For Her Kids

Let’s hope the Duchess of Cambridge got some extra sleep this past week. If she’s sticking with her usual birthday cake tradition, that is. As Kate Middleton and Prince William’s oldest son’s birthday approaches, it’s very possible that the mom of three will be staying up way past her bedtime, all to make sure Prince George has a homemade treat to celebrate his big day. And if that wasn’t relatable enough… apparently she uses a cake mix.

Prince George turns 8 years old on July 22, and, naturally, he will be properly feted on

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What cake would be your dream birthday cake?

A 1950s photo of a girl blowing out the candles on her birthday cake

This Saturday is my son’s birthday, and I have spent the entirety of July listening to him talk about it. We are hosting a sleepover, and I have been informed that I am making my signature spicy chicken sandwiches for dinner, some form of cheesecake (I am supposed to “be creative”), and a large amount of twice-baked honey cakes for a Lord of the Rings–inspired breakfast, which will likely be followed by a riotous five minutes of sword fighting that

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Life’s small, good things: Savor them; share them

Coffee. First thing in the morning. A welcome wake-up call, a jolt to my senses as I shake off the evening’s slumber.

Unless. Unless the coffee is cold as it has been the past two days. The night before, after I heated up some tea, the microwave blew a fuse. It refused all efforts to resuscitate it.

Today, at last, a fresh-brewed batch of coffee. Thanks to my hubby, Dave.

As I savor the rich, dark roast, I ponder how often I’ve taken this moment for granted. Like many small, good things, it just always

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Cathy Jacobson and Thomas McCurdy didn’t come home from the ‘Crime Scene Kitchen’ final competition with $100,000, but they still felt like winners

Jul. 24—DEVILS LAKE — Cathy Jacobson and Thomas McCurdy didn’t win the $100,000 prize on Fox’s “Crime Scene Kitchen” television show, but for the mother and son, the time they spent together is priceless.

“When we went into the show our focus really wasn’t on the $100,000. We enjoyed working together and striving to do well,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson, a retired coordinator for the Dakota Nursing Program at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake, and McCurdy, a pastry chef who lives in Vermont, were finalists on the weekly show.

The two spent five weeks

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A ranking of Hamish Blake’s kids’ birthday cakes.

a close up of a stuffed animal: There are 7. And things don't always go to plan: A ranking of Hamish Blake's kids' birthday cakes.

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There are 7. And things don’t always go to plan: A ranking of Hamish Blake’s kids’ birthday cakes.

It’s become a long-standing tradition in the Blake family household. 

Every year, on the night before his children’s birthdays, Hamish Blake will stay up to the wee hours of the night to make his kids – seven-year-old Sonny and four-year-old Rudy – the cake of their choice. And he documents the entire process on his Instagram story. 

Meet MPlus. Extra, Closer.



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