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New Menu Items You Should Try at These Popular Restaurant ChainsNew Menu Items You Should Try at These Popular Restaurant Chains

Restaurant companies employ chefs, nutritionists, and food scientists by the dozens to constantly refine their offerings and develop new ones. Today’s menus at, say, McDonald’s or Taco Bell, Applebee’s or TGI Fridays, will almost definitely look different from those three or five or seven years ago, and not just because prices have inevitably risen. Even a chain’s defining specialties might have been altered (and theoretically improved) in subtle ways.

24/7 Tempo has assembled a list of items that have recently appeared on menus at some of the nation’s favorite chain restaurants. Some are seasonal, especially geared toward summer eating. Others

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6 Restaurant Chains Coming to a Walmart Near You6 Restaurant Chains Coming to a Walmart Near You

The number of McDonald’s locations inside of Walmart stores has declined slowly over the last decade, and now there are fewer than ever. Estimates say only about 150 out of 875 will remain after the latest wave of closures. So what’s happening to the restaurant spaces in all those Walmart stores? Other fast-food restaurants are moving in, of course!

Soon, options like pizza, pastries, salad, and more will be available from these fast-food spots when you’ve worked up an appetite browsing the aisles of America’s largest grocery chain. (Related: This Is the Best Supermarket in America, New Survey Says

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