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Boise restaurant Mala Luna: good empanadas, tortas fall shortBoise restaurant Mala Luna: good empanadas, tortas fall short


The empanadas are the star of the show at Mala Luna in downtown Boise. These crisp, delightful treats can be made into your meal.

With sharp, fresh flavors, as well as certain spices and textures, Latin American food finds a savory level of satisfaction that is very difficult to replicate.

As a former owner of a taco restaurant in Moscow, Idaho, I look at new places serving such food with great enthusiasm and curiosity. Seeing Mala Luna open this spring at 624 W. Idaho St., where Dharma was once located — Mala Luna is a Boise Fry Co.

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How Good Are Burger King’s New Chicken Sandwiches?How Good Are Burger King’s New Chicken Sandwiches?

Over the past year, I’ve been on a quest. Exploring the deep reaches of the fast food universe to rank everything from the best chicken sandwiches to the best double cheeseburgers. French fries, shakes, and even napkins have fallen under my gaze.

It’s been a wild journey, and in my travels, I’ve noticed a few trends. Foremost among these being that Burger King, home of the world’s creepiest fast food mascot (which is saying something when you have Ronald McDonald, who is not only a clown but frighteningly tall ), consistently ranks near the bottom. Every time.


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