Watch now: Spike in cooking oil costs felt by Decatur businesses | Food and Cooking

Tornado Truck co-owner Clint Brumleve talks about how restaurants are dealing with a high cost in cooking oil.

DECATUR — A fryer is one of the essential appliances in most restaurants.

However, many owners are finding it more and more of a worry to use the important piece of equipment.

Along with a shortage of employees and supplies, the price of cooking oil has shot up, causing many restaurant owners to study their options.

Although his overall operating

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Darden Restaurant Earnings: What to Watch

Shares of Darden Restaurants (NYSE:DRI) have trounced the market in the past year as investors bet on the business enjoying a huge growth spike while the U.S. economy fully reopens. The restaurant giant has even outperformed industry peers, including McDonald’s and Chipotle Mexican Grill so far in 2021.

That rally will be put to the test when Darden announces fiscal fourth-quarter results in just a few days while updating shareholders on its outlook for the new year ahead. Let’s look at the main metrics to watch in that report, set for Thursday, June

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Watch Gwen Stefani surprise Blake Shelton for his birthday

Gwen Stefani is keeping birthday busy! Thursday was a fun throwback slideshow with her brother Eric for his big day, and on Friday it was all about her loving fiancé, Blake Shelton, who turned 45!

In a series of Instagram videos and a photo, Stefani, 51, shared a peek into what appears to have been a surprise party for the big guy.

“Celebrating my besties b day today love u @blakeshelton,” she wrote in the caption, adding hashtags including #surprise, #fiancé, #Gemini and #favoritecountrysinger.

In the first video, the suspense builds, and then

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What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 TV Show Rankings on June 11

Sweet Tooth


Netflix is notoriously mum on viewership numbers, but the Netflix Top 10 TV shows list at least gives us some idea of what’s working for the streaming service and what isn’t. The Netflix Top 10 list of TV shows for Friday, June 11 still sees the human-animal hybrid fairy tale Sweet Tooth sit on top of the list, but it’s got some competition in the NBC sci-fi drama Manifest, which premiered its first two seasons on Netflix this week and debuts at No. 2. The day’s other new entry is the

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